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As I’m not affiliated with an NPF team I have took it upon myself to create my own team for this event. I’ve create this post mainly to reserve it for my team which as things stand is by invite only on a first come basis. My team doesn’t carry the ego like the majority of teams (NPF already has far too many self-proclaimed world beaters, teams and individuals), we’re just playing to enjoy ourselves and if luck‘s on our side you never know. I’ve privately invited a few of my friends who I know aren’t attached to a team, making it clear it’s on a first come basis. Here’s my team;


1) Dan “Full Tilit” Trett (Captain)
2) Judy “Delta Bravo” Myers
3) Alison “Mrs Fatfish” McAree
4) David “Camel Toe” Atkinson
5) Rob “larfingravy” Richardson
6) Stephen “Groomi” Groom
7) Craig "mac5910" McDowell
8) Ally "8BallAlly" Mooney
9) William "dapperdan08" Poulsen
10) Jimmy "jimmyb" Brown


Team - If for any reason you can’t make it then no problem, just give me plenty of notice so I make some provisions to replace you. Also any suggestions for a team name are welcome, maybe not in this thread though so as not to derail it.

I’m looking forward to this as I’m sure like everything Steve does it will be an ace day, good luck all other teams and see you at the felt.

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