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Old 27-12-2010, 03:04 PM
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Default 2 Idiots Abroad

Well maybe. All aboard for flight NPFWERIDI0TSM8 to Gibraltar.

Well I played aspers and circus yeaterday, and a rather drunk Scotty hocking no other, lands at my table in circus (no chips, he is just saying hello), oh and he has lost his drinking buddy dan f..cking Trett, somewhere between the entrance and cardroom.

Well I bust the tourney and Scotty insists on buying me a xmas pint ( i have car, but can handle one), Trett is located and joins us. Scotty now seems relatively sober in comparison to trettdawg.

Andy u comng to Gib with us to see Mull ? Me - When ?, maybe ...

Now we going now, we ganna go to airport, jump on plane, go see him. Erm u guys can hardly walk, u aint flying nowhere. We are we going, we the walk the walkers etc - u coming blairdawg.

Erm no, cant just drop things and come, but nice one gl boys.

Anyway their youthful entusiasm is rewarded as I agree to do roundtrip to both homes for essentials and airport drop off, but no I am still not coming with u. Theyre not joking, we drink up, lets get this show on the road.

Now I have two drunk navigators who barely know the way out of circus car park, let alone to own homes and then airport.

Hockings place first, he sneaks in quietly, dont want to wake the parents and have to explain (he is 26 so i figure he can do as he pleases tbh) , essentials gathered.

passport (essential)
deoderant (optional)
clean duds (even more optional)
blobs as inisisted upon by dan f...cking Trett (not required unless there is going to be an airport lounge water bomb fight)

We speed off in dead of morning, about 1:30 am now folks to trettdawgs.

essentials gathered:

passport (essential)
large fistful of ham from the fridge for him and driver (essential for airport trip)
more blobs (could be a huge water fight, dont want to run out)

blair dawg u coming - nah cant m8 have like commitments etc. Shit these razz players, i dont know ....

Anyway to cut to chase lots of wrong turns and driving up back alleys in the snow, under fine directions, more ham thrust to my mit at each dead end as recompense. I eventually get them to a rather quiet newcastle airport, they dont know if there are any flights to Gib, No dan I aint coming , GL say hello to muzz for me. Of course I am fully convinced they arent getting out of the airport lounge, but I love the effort and exuberance.

Happy holidays, Mull if they got there please do tell ??

Mr and Mrs hocking, and Mr and Mrs Trett my sincerest apologies as accomplice, the boys were having fun honest. I was offered for the trip either a tourney buyin or blow job from trett. dan how much is the tourney buyin bf I decide ??

N1 fellas awesome adventure...
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Old 27-12-2010, 03:16 PM
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i hope they made it
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= gets there
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Old 27-12-2010, 03:23 PM
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Lol, I reckon they were told there's no flights to gib but alicante is on, prolly thumbing a lift to gib as we speak.
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Old 27-12-2010, 04:01 PM
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Originally Posted by cowhead72 View Post
Lol, I reckon they were told there's no flights to gib but alicante is on, prolly thumbing a lift to gib as we speak.
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thats what the blobs were for to float over lol
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Old 27-12-2010, 04:03 PM
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transcript from ITN newsfash.....
" In the early hours of Monday 27th a security door to the roof of terminal 1 at newcastle airport was breached. Security footage showed two men in their mid 20's feeding a german shepherd security dog with what appeared to be ham before making their way to the roof. When security reached the roof they found no trace of the men, however, according to reports from a pilot returning from spain. Two men where seen flying at 20,000ft on what appeared to be pink balloons"

Earlier that morning the two men had approached the information desk and enquired about flights to Gibraltar, when informed there were no flights one of the men was heard to say "shall we phone blairdawg" "no" said the other "i have a plan".....
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Old 27-12-2010, 04:17 PM
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Haha, unfortunately we didn't make it to Gibraltar... It probably would have been a good idea to check if it was even possible to get there before going to the airport, but nahhh that didn't happen

I had a cracking day/night, starting off at St. James for the Man City game then busted out of the Aspers 50 in about 10 hands before winning a decent amount at the cash table. Dan unfortunately busts out of the tourney too and invites me and Paul Trett for a few drinks. Of course I quit the cash table and we wander off to various different bars drinking many trebles. Me and the two Tretts play some random drink induced gambling game where I somehow won some money thanks to having 20 notes with the right serial number (MBSFN to win against not one, but two Tretts yeah?). We lose Paul Trett, but me and Dan continue stumbling from bar to bar getting more trebles. We decide that Newcastle is cold and that we miss Mullhuzz, so plans to Gibraltar start to formulate.

Dan suggests that he spins up the pile of notes I won in the above mentioned game using his elite Blackjack skills and onwards we head to Circus. On the way there, Dan chats up some lass in the queue for Perdu/Madamme Koos/Floritas or one of the other bars on that street, of course mentioning that he's Dan Trett and he could skip the queue if he wants to because his family own the joint. This didn't go down too well and we swiftly move to Circus.

I spot Blairdawg and pass on some runbad to him, though he did make a terrible call with pocket deuces. I tell Andy about our ridiculous plan to fly to Gibraltar and he kindly offers to drive us idiots to the airport. I make a quick stop at my house and grab my passport and other essentials and then we drive to Dan's house. He returns with his passport... and some ham?! Dunno what was going on with that lol.

Eventually we arrive at an open, but very empty airport. Since there was nobody there to even sell us a ticket, we try chatting up the girls in Greggs. Dan impresses one of them with his Greggs connections, obv he's Dan MFKing Trett and he knows the owners/MD of Greggs! Before too long, the desk opens and we tell Lydia (the lovely check in girl) of our plans to go to Gibraltar. I think she found this quite amusing, but alas there was no way for us to get there. Who knew there weren't flights to Gibraltar every few hours? Nevermind, we try and find a flight to somewhere else instead, but Dan didn't like the idea of flying somewhere for a day and we accept defeat. Not before Dan uses his slick skills to pass on his mobile number to the Jet2 girl. A mobile that he has since lost...

Fun times! Anybody fancy a few more post-Christmas, pre-Newyear drinks tonight?
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Old 27-12-2010, 04:21 PM
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BTW Andy, me and Dan drunkenly agreed to freeroll you in a local 50 game of your choice for your cracking efforts and putting up with us last night. Thanks for the lift!
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Old 27-12-2010, 04:26 PM
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Originally Posted by Scotty View Post
BTW Andy, me and Dan drunkenly agreed to freeroll you in a local 50 game of your choice for your cracking efforts and putting up with us last night. Thanks for the lift!
Cracking story and good gesture.

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Old 27-12-2010, 05:11 PM
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brilliant. that's all I can say tbh. just superb.
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Old 27-12-2010, 05:30 PM
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nice pipe dreams next time make sure you actually get off the ground.
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